For ROPECRAFT Chicago 2019 we will be hosting several Artists-in-Residence. Come be inspired at ROPECRAFT over Memorial Day Weekend and share your work with our community! We do not expect a piece to be fully completed at the event (though that would be nice) but rather hope that the environment will provide inspiration and fertile ground for artistic expression.

We ask that any works directly inspired by the attendees at the event be, at a minimum, shared with ROPECRAFT and with the subjects with a non-exclusive non-commercial rights license.

Additionally, we ask that Sunday afternoon the Artists-in-Residence participate in a panel discussion where they can share their process, their past work, any works-in-progress from the event, and in general answer questions attendees might have.

Upon acceptance, an Artist-in-Residence will be given a ticket to the full event as well as support at the event for their inspiration and artistic process.

Please be aware that Artists-in-Residence have the same expectations, responsibilities, and vetting as any other ROPECRAFT presenter. Information on the behavior we expect from all attendees at ROPECRAFT can be found at .

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