Blk_Diamond & His_Amira

(He/him and She/her)


Blk_Diamond has been an active member of the St. Louis kink community for over ten years and has been practicing rope bondage since 2010. His unique rope style combines Western ties with more traditional shibari practices and focuses on functional, challenging sequences. He specializes in creating strenuous poses for his bottoms by putting them into unconventional body shapes that employ solid foundational ties. In his travels, Blk_Diamond has learned from local and nationally recognized riggers, and in recent years has presented and/or performed at national events including Snowbound, Folsom St. Fair, and Rope Craft Homecoming, in addition to teaching at Beat Me and Spanksgiving here in St. Louis. With his trademark sadistic sense of humor, Blk_Diamond’s classes are interactive and entertaining. All who attend are sure to leave with several good laughs and a new outlook on play.

His_amira is Blk_Diamond’s collared slave and Kajira. She has been bottoming in rope for the last four years.