Blk_Diamond has been an active member of the St. Louis community for 9 years and has been tying for the past five. His rope style pulls from both the Western style as well as traditional shibari practices. Blk_Diamond prefers functional rope over decorative ties. He loves to create strenuous poses for his bottoms by using unconventional body shapes and solid foundational ties. He has learned from both St. Louis local and nationally recognized riggers and is always looking for opportunities to grow in his skill.
With a sadistic sense of humor, Blk_Diamond makes learning more interactive and memorable in his classes

The_Miss_E has been self tying for 2 years and bottoming in rope for 3. She has learned from both St Louis and nationally recognized bottoms, self suspenders, and riggers. E is an advocate for all bodies in rope and loves to help others discover their own strengths in rope. She is constantly looking for opportunities to learn and grow in her own style and love the opportunity to meet people from all backgrounds