Predicament Play Panel & Practicum @ Williamson 2
Oct 28 @ 10:00 am – 12:30 pm
Predicament Play Panel & Practicum @ Williamson 2

Do you enjoy the feeling of risk, danger, or just that lovely balance where one has to simply choose between a series of bad options?

Predicament play might be for you!

MsElaine will be moderating a panel of several mischievous and playful kinksters, top, bottom, and switch as they share their own tips, tricks, caveats, safety mitigations, and evil ideas and experiences.

Then there will be time for practice, as attendees are encouraged to collaborate and come up with their own predicaments, with a prize awarded by the panelists for the “Most Predicamental.”

Finally, the panelists themselves will team up for a demo of their own for the enjoyment and inspiration of the class.