Tensions with Intention and Rope Freestyle
Oct 27 @ 10:00 am – 12:30 pm
Tensions with Intention and Rope Freestyle

In this two part class Lexa will begin with some rope handling drills that will help you practice movement and tension. Tops will then use those skills we are practicing to engage in a single rope tie on their bottoms while telling different stories or conveying different energies through varying tensions, speeds, pressures, and connections. In the second portion, we will be doing an exercise in tensions, frictions and munter hitches. In this portion, Lexa forgoes the patterns and focuses on teaching you to utilize these tools in creative, free form ways. The finished ties will immobilize the bottom, but not in a planned or symmetrical way. Students will fine tune their skills with tensions, frictions and munters while simultaneously learning how to use them in a very organic way that forgoes traditional rope “rules”.

Class Type: Tie-along floorwork
Participation: Pairs or groups