Midnight Master Class: “Photorigging” – Tie ‘em up and shoot ‘em @ Photo Cantina
Oct 27 @ 12:00 am – 1:00 am
Midnight Master Class: “Photorigging” – Tie ‘em up and shoot ‘em @ Photo Cantina

Hands-on learning;

class participants should come with a DSLR that can shoot in manual mode and have a basic understanding of the photographic triangle

Shooting a scene, whether your own or other people’s, requires some unique skills and extra awareness. This class will go over some best practices for shooting rope performances, scenes and play. We’ll discuss negotiating photos with partners, controlling poor light, shooting in tight spaces (bedrooms, hotel rooms, creepy attics…) and anticipating your shot.

We’ll also go over taking photos without interrupting headspace or “ruining the mood,” flattering (or unflattering!) angles, and even using your camera as part of a scene. Bex will share some of her tips and experiences in front of the camera.

In addition to shooting your own scenes, DWL will share some of his tricks for shooting other people’s play. Capturing facial expressions and real emotion, getting your shot without getting in the way, moving around your subjects, and being mindful of other people in a space will all be addressed.

Dungeon-level photography skills – achievement unlocked!

Back to the Lab Again – Rope Bottoming Lab @ Williamson 2
Oct 27 @ 10:00 am – 12:30 pm
Back to the Lab Again – Rope Bottoming Lab @ Williamson 2

Have you been trying to find your perfect futomomo placement, or wondering what a Guatamalan torture tie feels like? This workshop is the place for bottoms to explore in an educational, low-pressure environment where the focus is on you. We’ll talk about some of the challenges bottoms may find in rope, and ways to troubleshoot them, as well as some common solutions and alternatives. Then, grab your stunt top – it’s bottoming lab time! This is your time to troubleshoot those tough ties, or see what something new feels like. Hip rope vs waist rope? Box-ties and chest harnesses? Single futomomo suspensions? Foot cuffs vs ankle cuffs? Let’s play with some rope! This a bottom-focused workshop, but bringing a rigger who you’re comfortable working with is encouraged!

Class Type: Tie-along suspension
Participation: Pairs or groups

Ropesthetics – Applying Artistic Principles for Beauty in Rope
Oct 27 @ 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Ropesthetics - Applying Artistic Principles for Beauty in Rope

Discussion Based Class and hands-on learning; all levels welcome. One of the most unique aspects of rope bondage is the visual element it offers. From art installations to performances, photography projects to tattoo inspiration, there is something about the aesthetic of rope that draws people. In this class, we’ll discuss and demonstrate a variety of artistic principles from photography and how they can be applied to your tying. What kind of mood do different body shapes or poses evoke? How do your up-lines complete the “picture?” What do we mean when we talk about “clean” rope or “chaotic” rope? We’ll talk about things like lines and angles in both rope and bodies, directing the eye, different aesthetic styles, rules and how to break them, and the subjective nature of “beauty”. Bring your rope and your creativity for this one!

Class Type: Tie-along suspension
Participation: Solo