photo by Thomas Hoffman

3 Things to Know Before ROPECRAFT

"What should I learn before I come to ROPECRAFT?" It's a question we hear a lot. Most of the time people are asking about a particular harness or technique or knot, which is understandable. We've even had some classes that have needed "pre-qualifying" so that the teachers can give the attendees more advanced instruction.

The ROPECRAFT NOLA POC Safer Space Grant

Along with Karma Rope and Twisted Monk, we are happy to announce Octavia (DoNotGoGently on fetlife) has been awarded the “POC Safe Space Scholarship”
photo by Thomas Hoffman
photo by Thomas Hoffman


Some of our ROPECRAFT Instructors are donating two hours of their time to support Baton Rouge kinksters in need. For your donation of two hundred dollars, the ROPECRAFT instructor you choose will share their time and expertise with you and teach to your interests using their expertise. This can look like a lot of things ranging from sharing techniques to philosophies.