Cynna and Yumyumpanda


Cynna is a small-town girl who moved to the city and found a new life through kink. She’s a rope bunny turned rigger with a passion for breaking body barriers in and out of kink. With a focus on body positivity and plus size advocacy, she focuses her practice on tying all body shapes, sizes, and disabilities. Based in Austin, Tx, she leads Hitchin’ Bitches Austin, presents and performs locally, and travels to teach nationally. From bottoming, self-tying, to topping, she works to modify traditional shibari elements for those who were told they can’t. Cynna incorporates her body positivity into her leadership, teaching, and everyday life.


Panda (she/they/he) fell in love with rope in mid 2013 and heavily identifies as a “Rope Daddy”. Panda’s rope journey has been founded in deep connections with partners, working as a team with her partners and encouraging mutual growth in rope.Panda has taught at events/cons across North America and has a passion for education. Their teaching philosophy is deeply rooted in partnership, inclusion and student centered learning. Panda is currently a steering committee member for NARIX, an instructor developer for Left Coast Kink, a moderator for the rope bottoming share group, founder and leader of Start Here a group that educates newcomers into the community that spans across 3 states and is the Education Program Representative for Pan Eros Foundation. She holds a bachelor’s in secondary education and a masters in nonprofit leadership with a diversity and inclusion focus.


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