Dancing Spirit has been active in the Community since 2016. She is a sensual bottom-heavy switch, primal, rope bottom, service top, domme, kinkster that dislikes labels. Since entering the lifestyle, she has dedicated her time to attend numerous intensives, kink classes and conferences, including; Oklahoma Leatherfest (OKLF) 2016-2019, NARIX, and Beat Me in St. Louis. Dancing enjoys being involved in the semi-annual Heartland Transgender Event where she provides a safe environment for attendees to explore their love of bondage. She serves her community as a group leader and offers her services as an instructor, volunteer, and mentor. Dancing serves on the Board of Oklahoma Power Exchange (OPE) and OKLF. Most recently she was named Majordomo of OKLF 2023. She also is a sister of the HardPink Sisterhood. Dancing strives to build bridges of inclusion. She volunteers to teach BDSM and various levels of rope classes in the BDSM and swinger communities and works to bridge the gap between the two lifestyles. She has done various presentations and performance arts in Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. Dancing looks forward to continuing her journey, learning more each day and sharing that knowledge with her community.