Mark & Lani Deviate Intensive - "All the Hishi!"

Tickets available now, space is limited to the first fifteen tying pairs.

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Take this opportunity to partake in an intensive on traditional Japanese Rope Bondage with Mark De Viate of DV8House, Sydney.

Mark is a founder of Studio Kink in Sydney and is a world reknowned Japanese rope artist and performer for over 16 years. His teaching and performance style combine intense sensuality and undeniable dominance with innate skill, and as a native English speaker he has the ability to communicate the intention of the intricacies of Kinbaku to his students

This intensive is for Japanese bondage enthusiasts that are looking to broaden their Japanese bondage knowledge and skills. It will focus on a series of four distinctly different hishi based ties, which are all tied in the Akechi Denki style and true to his lineage.

* the Hishi Fusion Takate Kote
* Hishi Takate Kote
* Hojo Hishi.
* the DV8 Hojo Hishi.

These four ties are progressions, each building on the knowledge of the previous tie. By presenting the ties in this progressive manner Mark enables the student to acquire a finer understanding of the structure and building blocks to successfully retain all four ties during this intensive.

This intensive will be open to experienced riggers who are at least be able to tie a Japanese 2 rope Takate Kote.

Bottoms will need to be able to stand with hands behind their back for at least twenty minutes at a time and have some experience with suspension bondage if the suspension hishi is to be attempted.

You will require at least 8 x 8m (30) natural fibre ropes.

Tickets to the “All the Hishi” intensive are $150 per tying pair, limited to 15, and available ONLY to registered attendees of ROPECRAFT Chicago at this price as supplies last or until Saturday, May 12th.

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