October 27, 2018 @ 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Williamson 2
Graydancer and Ozma

The Marionette Suspension is a variation on the popular tie that has been used for everything from Doll Play to Mission: Impossible style performances. With nothing but single-column ties and a few handy carabiners, you can create a sustainable, dynamic, and enjoyable harness either for self- or partner-suspension.

Graydancer will be leading the class step-by-step through the ties, and there should be ample time for everyone who wants to fly to do so. However, the ropes needed are pretty specific:

  • Enough rope for a single-column tie tied around the upper torso
  • Enough rope for a single-column tie tied around the hips
  • Three long (approx. 7m or ~25-30ft) lengths
  • Two short (~15ft) lengths
  • At least four carabiners (whatever you’re comfortable using; vendors will have them available)
  • A suspension ring or “bear claw” or other carabiner rig is optional but not required

This class is suitable for any body or dynamic inclination (top, bottom, etc.). Gray will provide modifications and assistance as necessary during the tie-along portion of the class.