October 26, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Depends on Project


In this pre-event intensive, you’ll learn the requirements, techniques, tips and tricks to fabricate your very own ROPECRAFT-style pagoda to take home OR build one for us all to enjoy for a reduced cost! Learn how we modified the original Jim Duvall design into three different pieces of equipment and then build one! “Build Your Own” Participants will leave the intensive with a fully functional pagoda that is ready for play and the plans to do it again. “Learn To Build” participants will build a Pagoda 2.0 for the event and leave with the plans for all three projects! Choose your project from the the options below and bring a friend! It is possible to complete this project without a second person assisting but you will find many steps easier with a friend to help. We can help pair up unpaired people!


  • Pagoda 2.0 is the variant as seen at previous Ropecrafts. Footprint on the ground is 8’x4′ and stands just over 8′ tall.
  • Pagoda 3.0 is a smaller variant with a footprint on the ground of 4.5’x4′ and standing just over 8′ tall.
  • For those with ceilings lower than 9′ there will be design modifications presented that will reduce the overall height without reducing the finished functionality.


All variants will break down into three components for transport and storage that will require no tools to install or remove.

The presentation will cover a brief tool safety survey, fabrication of the guides and aids needed to complete the construction, guided step by step instructions to fabricate the individual components and in full assembly of those components. We will discuss finishing options (i.e. paints vs stains) but due to time and space constraints we will be restricted in what finishes can be applied.

Those that wish to bring their own tools will need the following:

Compound mitre saw – minimum of 10″
Drill with star bit and 1/8″ drill bit
Circular saw
Router with square bit
Wood clamps

All of these tools will be available to anyone that does not have them!


Doors open for registration at 8:45 for a 9 am start.

Tickets are available only to registered event attendees at: http://pagodaintensive.bpt.me