October 28, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 12:30 pm

Pre-Requisites: Box tie of your choosing
What to Bring: At least Six (6) 8m hanks of rope and a someone to tie/be tied by if desired
Hard Points needed: One for demo only
Sir Isaac Newton invented 3 Laws of Motion which set the physics world on fire and are still found to be as true today as they were when they were invented in 1686. These laws are applicable not only in the physical nature of what we do in bondage, but also in the emotional and spiritual realm as well. This class is not about physics or geometry in bondage, but about the motion of the human condition in bondage. How does a person react when things are done? How do we practice reading that? What do we do with that information once we have it? Along the way, we will cover and discuss the ways we can use those and our own body mechanics to increase the speed of our tying through the efficiencies and movements in reaction to the actions of ourselves, our partners, and the next path our rope is to take. There is no “one twue” answer but this class will delve into drills and practices which can be employed to help discover a variety of answers.

Class Type: Tie-along floorwork
Participation: Pairs or groups