Iron Temple Dog & Tormenta

IronTempleDog & Tormenta



IronTempleDog is a kinky, polyamorous photographer and kink educator who walked away from a life of drudgery to chase his dreams. His most frequent identities include cis-male, polysexual, top, mad & consensual accomplice. He likes leather, rope, rough body play, cigar play, whiskey, bootblacking, boots in general, taboo, transgressive things of all sorts, vikings, his beard and orgasms. Some of his recent interests are the intersection of kink and flow states & peak experiences, critical conversations about consent, effective scene negotiations, and edge-play. Old saws still holding on hard from his punk days include anti-capitalism, anti-colonialism, anti-fascism, awareness of privilege, awareness of intersections and personal accountability. He is often much less intense in person than he is in print. Not the beard though. It’s pretty intense.


Tormenta is a queer, poly switch who’s been in the scene for an embarrassingly long time: the siren song of power exchange drew her in 1999, but the smart, compassionate people and great relationships have kept her here since. Tormenta is passionate about nuanced, thoughtful conversations about consent, risk, and mindfulness in play, and has been teaching on these topics since 2012. Her teaching on movement and kink is driven by improvements she has seen in her own play as she has grown her dance and martial arts practises. She is very much in love with her co-conspirator, Irontempledog, and sometimes spins things that are on fire. You can find class resources on her Fetlife page!

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