JDSilver and Curious_One

(He/Him, She/Her)


JDSilver is a traveler, a teacher, a longtime BDSMer, and a rope-obsessed enthusiast always looking for the next twisted adventure. He’s been exploring rope bondage – both Japanese and Western traditions – for over a decade. It’s been his good fortune to study with some incredible riggers, including Akira Naka, Gorgone, Kanna, Soptik_Z, Yoroi Nicolas, and Zamil. His work has been featured in magazines, art exhibits, and he’s taught as well as performed all over. It’s a life’s passion: to create, through rope, states of suffering, of joy, of beauty.

Curious-one is a mischievous masochist, silly sadist, and primo pervert. She is a switch who has been described as a ‘swiss army knife of kink’, which amused her. She is the trusty sidekick and Jiminy Cricket of JDSilver. She brings to the table years of bottoming and topping experience with rope and all sundry aspects of BDSM.