Education tops the list of Kinkerbelle’s kinks. While learning on its own is fun, for them, being able to help someone else learn is beyond words amazing. The smile on their face when they talk about teaching says it all – they just want our brains to do things together! Kink has given them a place in the world: their tribe; their chosen family; a place where they are no longer the weird token friend. They’ve had kinky inclinations since they were itty-bitty. As a child Kinkerbelle used to take out their shoelaces, tie themselves, and watch their body turn colors. As an adult, they’ve found fulfillment, determination and a sense of self. Dollification, rope and rough body play are currently at the center of Kinkerbelle’s self-exploration. Whether playing or teaching, they’re easily recognized by their adorable chronic hiccups.  Outside of kink, they practice yoga, are obsessed with food, and love getting lost on adventures. They’re often found trying to play with their cat, whose insistence in biting them reminds them that even their cat is a little bit twisted.

Classes and Events

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