Madame Posh and UniSexi


Madame Posh is a Dallas-based BDSM Educator/Coach, Professional and Lifestyle Mistress, rigger, neo-burlesque artist, vampire, and kinky event organizer; who has been practicing kinky alternative lifestyles since 2014. As a bi-sexual black cis-female dominant, self-professed nerd, and politically incorrect goth diva, Posh has been an active part of the DFW scene since 2017. This proper sailor-mouthed lady delights in welcoming new kinksters to the family, building connections across the community, and anything DC Universe or GOT. She is passionate about creating authentic inviting spaces for alternative lifestyle and sex education, creating intense unique experiences using the art of BDSM, and everything to do with power exchange and FLR. Her passionate love for the art of rope bondage grows deeper every time she pulls the jute through her fingers and she revels in every opportunity to nurture her skills and continue her spiritual exploration of kinbaku. “Uh, could we add some rope to this?”

She co-leads a rope bondage educational group called BANK and hosts the YouTube channel “The MP Experience” that focuses on sharing knowledge and her learning experiences through her kink journey. She has been a featured interviewee on YouTube BDSM Educator “Evie Lupine’s” Channel, performed at RopeCraft Austin 2018, is a staff writer/contributor for the fetish magazine KINK’D, a special guest on the podcast “Someone You Should Know” hosted by Jared Herzogs, and was interviewed for the kinky educational fancon “The Darker Side of Spice.” She has educated at TASSP 2019 and at local Dallas groups such as BANK, Kink or Bust, SILK, and Radical Femme Dommes on topics from primal rope to slave dances to caregivers and littles dynamics.

UNISEXI (they/them) is a Non-binary & Asexual budding Fetish Model based in Dallas, Texas. Growing up with gender dysphoria in a mixed race household, they became a strong believer in accepting one’s individuality early on, as well as learning the importance of inclusiveness and representation, and they try to embody these themes in all things they do and create.

A little after joining the BDSM Community in September 2018 and identifying as a bottom for rope & other Fetishes, Unisexi has had the pleasure of making a diverse group of friends focused on safety and education in the kink scene, which is where they met their first D/S dynamic and partner in crime, Cruel Machines, & also befriended kinky educator & professional dominatrix Madame Posh. On the side, UNISEXI enjoyS dabbling in a bit of leather crafting with Cruel Machines, and also has a passion for learning the art of pole and aerial dance at a studio in Dallas.