Monkey and MedullaOblongata


Monkey Bio

Monkey, owner of MonkeyFetish Studios, is an international presenter, performer and artist. He first presented rope at a local BDSM club in 2002 and has presented on rope, rough body play, D/s dynamics and other kink topics in the years since. He teaches with the philosophy that rope is easy, rope mastery is hard, and that anyone can use rope to enhance their kink play. He teaches rope, performs rope, and has more than a bit of skill with the camera which he executes for art and event photography whenever he can. He’s happy to share with anyone willing to listen to his particular brand of deviance.

He serves as Secretary of the Leather Archives & Museum and encourages you to ask about the organization and spend time perusing their website in your free time.

You find out more about Monkey, his classes, performances and artwork at

MedullaOblongata Bio

MedullaOblongata dove into the rope scene headfirst in early 2014, after what was supposed to be a casual scene showed her the dizzying highs and intense connections that could be made through rope. She combines her thorough knowledge of anatomy with her appreciation for technical details in order to educate, primarily in the area of rope bottoming. She’s had the privilege of tying with and learning from many skilled rope tops, and applies what she has learned to help people learn to make their rope scenes better, from the top or bottom. She can be found co-facilitating the ChicagoRope Bottom Roundtable and presenting rope bottoming classes for Chicago Rope.