Our producer, Grand Master David, has been in the U.S. kink scene since the days of Bettie Page. He has seen the BDSM scene in the U.S. grow and change over the decades in ways no one could have imagined, much less expected, both good and bad.

At the same time we’ve seen the U.S. rope community change and grow with international ties (pun intended). It used to be rope enthusiasts puzzling over kanji bootleg porn pics; now we watch rope performances from Moscow or learn French words for Japanese ties or listening to podcasts about the history of Kinbaku.

We’ve had people from Japan, Australia, Mexico, Europe — even Canadians!And they’ve enriched ROPECRAFT in many different ways, whether teaching, performing, or just attending. We appreciate the additional time and money they spend on travel, on navigating customs, and in literally going the extra mile to join us.

Right now there’s a lot of tension on the international stage, and we’d like our foreign friends to know that they are welcome at our event, whether that’s across the border or over the sea. We also are confident that a more diverse and accessible event will benefit everyone. As part of that, Grand Master David has decided that for the San Antonio ROPECRAFT there will be a simple change in our registration policy:

Any non-U.S. Citizen coming from a country outside the U.S.A. gets into ROPECRAFT for free.

  • Yes, you still have to register – just email us for a special code when you’re ready.
  • Yes, you’ll still need to book your own hotel room & travel.
  • Yes, we’ll ask you to verify with a passport & address.
  • Yes, if you live outside the U.S.A. and have already bought a ticket, you get a refund.
  • Yes, if you are already a U.S. Citizen, you also benefit from a more diverse pool of talent and passion at the event with added bonuses: ROPECRAFT is already in your country, you get cheaper airfare, easier travel, and don’t even need a passport!

If you have questions about whether you qualify for this, just email us at [email protected], and we’ll be glad to talk!