Ri Dickulous


Born on April Fool’s Day (no joke) Ri Dickulous endeavors to live up to the name every day. Beginning in 2008, Ri found a deep passion for rope beginning as a bottom with occasional self tying for decoration and rope-sterbation, all the while getting a BA in education studies while establishing a kink group focussed around students in the DC/MD area around the ages of 18-25. After moving to New Orleans, life took many dramatic turns and performance became the strongest passion for Ri, including sword swallowing, self suspension, and burlesque. Within the past two years there was enough interest expressed for Ri to delve into well earned educational knowledge, as well as years of being a genuine pervert, to create several educational workshops and lectures based solely around rope. To this day the Kinky Salon New Orleans, Texas Kink Fest, Dynamo NOLA, Josh Hailey Studios, and many private students have sought Ri’s expert-tease for a well rounded educational experience made zesty with a performative pitch.


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