Tempo and Miss Vye

(He/him and She/her)

Tempo (He/Him) is a traveling top who has a passion for learning, education, and kink. Specializing in rope play and impact play, he travels to various communities and other countries to expand his knowledge of kink. Tempo has presented for various venues and events across the country including Studio Friction in Denver, CO; Studio Theory in San Antonio, TX; North American Rope Innovation Exchange (NARIX): St. Louis, MO; Ropecraft: Austin, TX; Frolicon Atlanta, GA; and Tethered Together: Stamford, CT. As a teacher for a regionally accredited college, Tempo shares his knowledge of the latest teaching practices to help other kink experts to share their skills as well. True to his name, much of his play involves weaving music into his scenes.

Miss Vye (she/her) is a queer polyamorous top-leaning switch from Idaho with a wide range of interests. She has been on Fetlife since 2011 and active in her local community since 2014. Miss Vye tops for impact, wax, sissification, CBT, and Mommy/boy dynamics. Her bottoming interests include rope, needle and staple play, and food play. In her community, Miss Vye co-leads a polyamorous Facebook group called Poly Idaho Next Generation for ages 18-35. She is also active in her kink community and hosts little’s events and other local events. Miss Vye also created the Boise Kinky Women’s Group in December 2021 to create a sisterhood, provide education, and a safety net for other kinky women and female energy-having individuals.