Ten is one of those friendly Canadian Angry Queers with a penchant for animated discussions on gender, communication, self-awareness, and consent. They are a sadomasochistic rope bottom-top-switch with a particular affinity for self-suspension, improvisation, and active bottoming. Ten seeks to knit their formal training in film production and media analysis, with their passion for understanding emotional wellness and sexuality. They dedicate a solid amount of energy to learning and unlearning through an anti-oppressive lens, and they find satisfaction in allowing new ideas to reframe their understanding. Ten’s dedication to education and equity spawned the creation of Coil, a travelling rope bondage event that provides a space for people who bottom to freely share their skills and knowledge.

Ten has had the pleasure of sharing at various events in North America such as Unholy Harvest 2017, Bondage Expo Dallas 2016, Shibaricon 2015, various intensives, and local Toronto events.

Classes and Events

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