Tendrra is a Canadian sadomasochistic bottom-top-switch with a particular affinity for self-suspension, asymmetry, improvisation, and active bottoming. Their commitment to expanding bottoming education spawned the creation of Coil, a travelling event that provides a space for people who bottom to freely share their skills and knowledge. Most often, Tendrra is engaged in discussions on gender, mental state, communication, body awareness, and consent. They are always excited to make connections, and expand their skill tree.    Tendrra has had the honour of contributing to NARIX 2015, as well as teaching partnered and solo at various events– Bound in Boston XX, Bondage Expo Dallas 2016, Shibaricon 2015, various intensives, and local Toronto events. They have performed at Subspace Fetish Balls, Anomalous, and La Nuit des Cordes Montréal 2016 & 2017.