Toga (he/him) is a Detroit-based sadistic Dominant, with a penchant for knots, that enjoys traveling for both education and fun. Starting his public journey into kink back in 2015, he knew right away bondage was something he’d enjoy. From tying girls to trees as a scout, to his first suspension, to performing at Detroit Dirty Show, he has always enjoyed learning and sharing rope. Over the years Toga has had many great teachers that push him to continuously learn more and improve, crafting his own unique style of rope that doesn’t follow any one particular method or influence. For Toga, a scene isn’t about the rope. It’s about the intent and passion; the rope is just a means of communicating those feelings. Toga enjoys presenting rope, and other topics, in fun, relatable ways, that simplify and expose even the toughest of techniques. He is co-leader of a monthly class called Lansing Rope, and has assisted or presented at events all over Michigan.