TwistedCupcake began his formal rope journey in the fall of 2012. He quickly realized that in order to obtain the ability to do the types of mean fucked up things he wanted to do in rope that he would have to deeply understand the basics of rope bondage. The geek in him also needed to know how and why those fundamentals worked the way they did in different situations. He actively began to seek out instruction from various rope tops he saw at events. As he progressed, he began to attend workshops, lessons, and intensives with various teachers from around the world.

He started seeing a lot of new people come into the rope community who went from doing basic ties to intermediate and advanced in a very short period of time. This concerned him as the components which make each tie work were overlooked for the sake of a pattern. This absence of the understanding seemed to not only affect the quality of the rope being done, but also created a multitude of rope tops who reached a plateau in their bondage and were unable to advance further.

Being an educator in his professional life, he wanted to help fill that void while giving back to the rope community he has gotten so much out of. Since beginning to share his knowledge in rope, he has performed at various events across the US and in Canada such as The Dallas Fetish Ball, MBE Toronto, The BED Launch Party, and others. He has also taught classes at multiple events including Beyond Vanilla, DFWBound, Erotic Rope Dallas, September Surrender, co-leader and teacher for the First Bight group, and others. He has also been a part of the education team for Bondage Expo Dallas since the second year of the con’s existence and currently serves as Chair of the Education Committee.

Classes and Events

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