TypeAtypical & BunnyBights

(He/him and She/her)

Photo: TypeAtypical and Poppet

TypeAtypical is an asexual rigger who started out over a decade and a half ago strictly as a bottom, with rope being the furthest thing from his mind. He picked up some rope basics from a very talented friend, but knew rigging would never be his thing—rope was slow and boring, and he definitely wasn’t a top. Somewhere along the way though, something clicked, things changed, and now he has been tying religiously for a little over six years.

For TypeAtypical, rope is about creativity, exploration, connection, and sarcastic, irreverent fun (Rope is Super Serious Business!). He is a staunch advocate that rope doesn’t need to be sexual to be rewarding, and loves tying all along the spectra of gender, orientation, body type, and experience. He believes everyone has something unique and interesting to bring to the table, and delights in learning from everyone he ties with.

At this point, TypeAtypical is pretty much a rope nerd through and through, with a passion for education. He loves nothing more than to share the things he’s picked up along the way, be it in one-on-one education, long rambling conversations, small group classes, skill shares, and larger convention settings. His favorite thing, however, is seeing the things he shares being put to use in the dungeon later on.

BunnyBights (she/her/hers) is an eternally curious, bottom-leaning switch. She dove into self-tying in 2018 and fell in love with it as a sensory, creative, and exhibitionist escape. Online and in person, she eventually found a rope community that pushed her to reexamine expectations and consider the vast array of whys. She loves brainstorming ideas as much as sinking into the intensity of rope and continues to enjoy self suspension, bottoming, and the very rare rope top experience. Along the way, she discovered the joy of helping people find fundamentals to enjoy rope solo or with a partner and appreciates the unique ways everyone chooses to embrace rope.

Photo: BunnyBights