Would you like to volunteer at Ropecraft Chicago 2022?

Ropecraft could not run the kind of show we do without our volunteers. We understand that some people LOVE to volunteer. In fact, some people love it so much that’s why they come to cons. It’s a great way to meet people and get an immediate sense of belonging if you’re new. Others may enjoy putting in a few hours but they are really coming to get their rope on. We have multiple options available for volunteering so that those who want to work lots still can and those who are less available will be able to do so as well. Our volunteers will be thanked with a $10 per hour worked honorarium paid at the conclusion of the event (or every evening if that’s more useful to you). Other arrangements may be available upon request, as we neither want to financially burden anyone nor require a large set workload from everyone. We do ask that you register for our event before submitting a volunteer application to us.

If you get your application in ASAP, we’ll let you know the status of your application before ticket prices go up at the end of January. 

Ropecraft is both a labor of love and a whole heap of sexy fun, and we are looking forward to making it happen again with your help!