Worldsokayestropebunny and Gentleebrutal

(perceived pronouns, He/him)


Worldsokayestropebunny is a born and raised Austinite whose rope journey started with bottoming in 2017. She later started self-suspending, quickly followed by learning to top. From the time she started tying until her first suspension was over a year. She believes in taking your time when learning about rope bondage and suspension. As a certified personal trainer with a background in education, her teaching style clearly and concisely relays skills valuable to bottoms, tops, and switches.

Gentleebrutal was introduced to the world of kink in 2012. Since then he has explored many aspects of himself therein, and has enjoyed every aspect. Rope was his entry point into Kinkland, and his love of it has been growing since the beginning. He loves the intimacy, connection and trust built with rope, and has been lucky to have great mentors to teach him the beauty of kinbaku. His teaching focuses on conveying the sensuality, eroticism, and sadomasochism that creates artful connection in partnered tying practice.