Jake_Wing and Sleepless_Siren

(He/him and They/them)

Jake Wing has been a rope bondage aficionado for a very long time. He ran a bondage website in the early days of the internet. He’s been active in the Austin community and is currently one of the leaders of Austin Rope Slingers, a local rope peer group.

His style is a blend of the flowing style of the Japanese nawashis, the detective-magazine/Harmony style that was the only thing available in his youth, Chinese single strand intricacies, and his own inventions. He can do any of these strictly, but he prefers to blend them.

His teaching style is to simplify and de-mystify. He wants you to walk away from any class he teaches with new practical skills, or new clarity of thought about rope.

He‘s done this often enough to be confident. He’s screwed up often enough to be careful. This is not his first rodeo…

River (Sleepless_Siren) loves to discover new things and will try anything once. They have been participating in rope and bondage for around 5 years now, starting rather experimentally in the DFW scene. River was pleasantly surprised with the supportive, diverse community that they have found since moving to Austin, Texas in 2018. River was quickly introduced to Austin Rope Slingers, one of the rope groups in the area, and has been having a blast participating in rope labs and related events since. River enjoys sharing their experiences as a queer/non-binary person within the kink community, as well as finding ways to incorporate their passions for nature and bondage together. They’ve also been gaining experience through teaching opportunities, both with groups and individuals, with classes relating to rope bottoming, rope safety, objectification, power exchange, and edge/fear play.
River enjoys the fun of making art for self expression, and the mental/physical challenge of enduring rope predicaments in order to accomplish a task or overcome an obstacle. The lessons they learn through BDSM and rope carry throughout their life where on any given day they are an active environmentalist, mythology buff, and overall cynic who enjoys spending time exploring the outdoors, meeting common minded folks, and reading voraciously.