These are the principles behind the rules and policies of Ropecraft Event.

The culture we are building rests on the values of Agency, Respect, and Collaborative Spirit:

  • Agency: Holding space for individuals, their self-identification and support for their self-determination
  • Respect: Honoring that everyone has something to contribute and deserves access to a supportive learning environment
  • Collaboration: Working together to create mutually satisfactory experiences using active consent

Who is this for?

Ropecraft brings together practitioners and styles of rope bondage at every level of expertise. We offer education, play space and community building for the person who wants to learn how to do just one thing with rope as well as the person who wants to learn everything about rope. There is no single way to pursue education and experience, we encourage all participants to operate within their skill sets, and manage their own risk awareness over time.

Identity and Self Determination

The expression of identity and the respect for self-determination are key parts of the culture of Ropecraft. We affirm the gender & sexuality expressed by all participants and expect the use of pronouns that support those identities as part of creating an inclusive space. Racist, transphobic, sexist, ageist, ableist, sizest and other marginalizing terms are not welcome. We have equal respect for all rope participants, and create space for self-tying and bottoming advocacy.

Modeling Good Consent

Ropecraft seeks to foster and maintain a culture of consent in the spaces it creates and beyond. The Consent & Harassment Policy is in place at all times and we must all model good behaviors for those around us. We recognize there are power dynamics present in all interactions between people and groups. Sometimes these are intentionally chosen, and sometimes they are subconscious or systemic. Empowering people to collaborate without coercion is key in managing these dynamics. Our policy is that no one should assume entitlement, or feel obligated to give away agency. We expect those in positions of authority to have an additional responsibility to model these behaviors, such as:

  • Presenters and their Partners: Presenters are expected to model consent in and outside the classroom. They are accountable for making every effort to ensure informed and ongoing consent when they are collaborating in a demo. In addition, they must acknowledge and show an understanding of the power dynamics between themselves and all parties. Any participant can revoke consent at any time.
  • Organizers, Staff and Volunteers: Organizers, staff, and volunteers represent Ropecraft and the values we seek to uphold. They are also expected to make every effort to ensure informed and ongoing consent.
  • Photographers and Subjects: Event photographers and those operating under the Responsible Adult Photography Policy are to make every effort to ensure informed and ongoing consent from everyone they photograph throughout the event space.
  • Attendees: Ropecraft attendees are expected to contribute to creating a supportive space by practicing consent in accordance with the Consent & Harassment Policy.
  • Public and Private Spaces: Modeling consent does not stop in event space. Just as we create informed and ongoing consent in the play spaces, classrooms, and social areas, these practices are to be used in public areas such as the hotel lobby, elevators, and restaurant, and especially when interacting with hotel staff. Furthermore, collaborative consent is to be obtained in private encounters adjacent to the event (e.g. in hotel rooms).

Hate-speech, Microaggressions, and other Non-Consensual Incidents

We strongly discourage the casual use of hate speech, slurs or actions that may impose nonconsensual interactions. If your scene, language or conduct may provoke cultural taboos and negatively impact onlookers there is a reasonable expectation to proactively alert others so that they can exercise appropriate self-care. If you have questions or concerns before engaging in any extreme or cathartic play, contact a DM or a member of the Staff to ask first.

Shared Resources

At Ropecraft we come together to learn, share and enjoy ourselves in a shared space. It is important to be mindful that we are all responsible for fostering and maintaining a supportive and inclusive space for all participants.  We ask all participants, when tying in close proximity in classrooms, please manage your space, bodies, rope and equipment to avoid impacting the learning experience of others. In the play spaces, do not monopolize hard points or other equipment.

Mistakes & Intervention – ASKING FOR HELP

Ropecraft provides the infrastructure for a Peer Support Crew to be on duty throughout in-person conventions. This group is independent of Ropecraft staff and presenters in order to mitigate conflicts of interest, and in a situation where a member of the Peer Support Crew may have a conflict they will recuse themselves from the process.

The Crew can be approached at any time by any attendee who is dealing with a consent incident.

Their goal is to support, hear, and understand the people involved in the incident and connect them with resources that can reduce trauma, including but not limited to trauma counselors or law enforcement. Ropecraft supports a policy to not define or limit what constitutes a “consent incident” — every individual’s needs and experiences are different.

That means that consent incidents may look like boundary violations, irresponsible use of cel phones, or behavior like bullying or coercion. Simply put: if an attendee feels a need to speak to someone, Peer Support is there to listen and try to help.

Our event guidelines, policies and core principles are designed to promote a safe and fun experience for all participants. Ropecraft reserves the right to whatever response is necessary to protect and support these principles and the attendees, including but not limited to: removal from the event without refund, notification of other event organizers, and/or involving law enforcement.

We expect passionate engagement on this policy. If you have specific questions you would prefer to ask outside of the comments, you can always email [email protected] and we will do our best to answer you in a timely manner.