Join us this October for the bondage conference that is “Knot-for everyone.”

Top, bottom, and switch education with Western, kinbaku, & other styles in an inclusive sex-positive social(ly distanced) space!

Homebound Halloween is our effort to help bring folks together in the lonely times created by this uncertain year. Our goal is to create space for education and community and create ties that bind. Come join us for classes every weekend along with our Spooky Flow Erotic Cabaret, Circus-themed Halloween Night Ball and Play Party, Movie and Game Nights, Afterparties, interactive social and discussion spaces and more!

Check Out Our next Events!

Jiffy Kink Speed Dating with MxBliss

Afterparty V: Getting Twined and Dined in No Time!!! with RexTimothius and Shay1356

Single Column Suspension Demo with WorldsOkayestRopeBunny and GentLeeBrutal

Futomomo-Focused Partial Suspension with Miss Acacia

“The Dungeon, the Witch and the Woo” with Nil

Closing Circle featuring Whip Fit with Midori

Circus: an Online Halloween Ball and Play Party hosted by Rig/Ringmaster MxBliss

Class Replay Marathon

Ties that Bind Social aka “we survived this election” gathering