Lilith (she/her) is a Detroit based rope switch with more than 5 years of bottoming experience. She loves the artistic expression through rope and believes that a good rope scene is a co-creation of and collaboration between rigger and bottom. As someone who doesn’t identify as a masochist (unless being in grad school counts as masochism), she is passionate about learning and sharing how to be an active, empowered rope bottom.

She runs a group for rope bottoms in the Metro Detroit area, and has taught a sold-out rope bottoming class at a local venue in August 2022. Her teaching is focused on increasing risk-awareness and giving bottoms the tools and concepts to chart their own personal path in their rope journey. She draws on teaching skills from her background in academia, lots and lots of research, as well as applying skills from a variety of other areas like circus arts, yoga, belly dance, or even vocal lessons.