Some of our ROPECRAFT Instructors are donating two hours of their time to support Baton Rouge kinksters in need. For your donation of two hundred dollars, the ROPECRAFT instructor you choose will share their time and expertise with you and teach to your interests using their expertise. This can look like a lot of things ranging from sharing techniques to philosophies.

Where’s the Money Going?

We are providing funding directly to members of the Baton Rouge kink community in need after the recent flood disaster. These funds will be used at their discretion to fill urgent and immediate needs for food and shelter and purchase basic necessities as they start the process of rebuilding or relocating. We are choosing person-to-person direct aid in order to give local folks additional support and flexibility to meet needs as they come up in this rapidly evolving situation.

The fine print:

We will do our very best to work out a lesson time that works for your schedule and your chosen instructor’s availability. To this end, lessons are limited to one per instructor in order to give us the most scheduling flexibility. In the unlikely event that mutually agreeable lesson time cannot be worked out for you, we are committed to finding another appropriate way to thank you for your generosity in lending a hand to your fellow kinksters in need.

I Think Flood Relief Should Go Through Traditional Relief Agencies.

Great! Here’s a link to the local food bank – they are really looking forward to your donation.

A Private Lesson Sounds Great! Where do I sign up?

To the right is a list of the current presenters (and others) donating their time and expertise. Each one is only offering ONE lesson, so if you see something you like, go to right away and purchase your private lesson!


Beginner rope, basic suspension, self-suspension, bottoming and bottom-focused approaches to rope, “crash-test bottoming” with feedback and suggestions (may require Barkas in some cases), pm’s are welcome for ideas.


Everything that is on my agenda. Osada Ryu. Yukimura Ryu. Ranboo. Suspensions. Interview metaphor. Differential geometry for rope bondage, etc.


Suspension, tying men, tying heavier people


Fundamentals, improvisational floorwork, bondage for sex, Arms-Front “Fishbone” Harness, and more.


Rope bondage. Whip play. Photography basics.


Beginning bottoming, community building, bondage components.


basic rope bondage, floorwork, basic suspension, predicament & pain play, rough body play, cigar play, D/s and leather protocol development, community development, performance, writing, negotiation, “Rashomon” training.

honey bare

anything rope-related, really. i have a good handle on most things from both the bottom and top perspective. dynamic suspension is typically my thing when tying.


Western rope, puppet suspension, predicament engineering and play, basic photography

Lee Harrington

Sacred rope, erotic macrame, self-bondage/suspension, creativity with rope, rigging diverse body shapes, and more.


Willing to discuss prior to lesson

Lord Percival

Anything from my class list (quite broad, and not just limited to rope)


Beginning rope bondage, intermediate rope bondage, partial to full suspension, load line organization, basic transitions, scene dynamics, instructional design, community building & outreach.


What the student needs, floor work, suspensions, specific ties, deep foundational work


A personal introduction to rope and any listed classes on my website.


Private coaching on any of: rough body play (technique, theory, or form), impact during suspension or bondage, painful and sadistic rope techniques, or d) other.


Microbondage, Stepping up your aesthetics, Altering ties for personal intentions(Like acroshibari or anything else you’d like), Basic suspension.


Rope floorwork, suspension, semenawa, pressure points, and other topics as requested.


Body manipulation for floor work, introduction to corrective sadism, improvisational floor work ties, low partial suspensions for play, beginner rope skills.