LqqkOut is a Minneapolis-based sexuality educator and rigger. He served on the board of the Minneapolis TNG group Min-KY for nine years and has dedicated his recent efforts toward building consent culture in his home community.

Since 2006, LqqkOut has devoted many of his weekends to traveling around the country teaching at sexuality events. A self-described “rope-geek,” LqqkOut enjoys helping folks of all genders, play-styles, and sexual orientations gain confidence and build skills through hands-on workshops, demonstrations, and discussions.  His teaching style combines a unique blend of humor and technical expertise as he seeks to demystify complex-looking skills and help people learn to play and think creatively. Most of all, he hopes those who attend his classes learn to connect with themselves and others in new and enjoyable ways.

LqqkOut’s long list of presentations, events, and class materials can be found at his website at http://www.kinkfriendly.org


Classes and Events

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