Meymoon & soms_iets



Shortly after joining the scene, Meymoon (he/him) fell into a rope-shaped black hole and luckily has yet to find his way out. An antagonistic rope top, he pursues his partners’ reactions like they were made of ice cream tacos frosted with donuts. He’s spent the better part of the last three years learning technique, artistry, communication, and intent from wonderful instructors, peers, and partners, and there are few things he enjoys more than sharing space and knowledge with similarly curious kinksters.


soms iets (she/her) stumbled into rope five years ago, when she and a climbing partner realized much of their knowledge was transferable beyond the crag. She quickly became enamored with opportunities to test and grow strength, flexibility, endurance, and mental self-care through tying and being tied. Her current practice focuses on upping her self-tying game and sharing with others the bottoming strategies and skills she has adapted from diverse athletic, artistic, and academic disciplines.


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