Roughinamorato is a charmingly sadistic bastard who believes that kink should be fun. Disarmingly frenetic, his informal style and intelligent approach to kink have made him an international favorite.

A natural performer and educator, Roughinamorato’s former lives have included actor, variety performer, and IT consultant. He appeared on stage and screen in many things you’ve never seen, and used to teach about user interaction design at national developers’ conferences. (He loves you, but no, he doesn’t want to talk coding with you.)

In 2006 he began teaching in the kink community, when his journey of self-discovery into kink and BDSM led him to want to share that joyful agony with others, through classes about rough body play, rope, connection, and sexual expression. He has taught at events across the world including Dark Odyssey, Shibaricon, The Gathering, Thunder in the Mountains, Frolicon, The Floating World, Winter Wickedness, WestCoast Bound, Rope Camp, NELA’s Fetish Flea, and countless others.

In 2011 he started Rough Crowd, a monthly rough body play workshop in Chicago, and from that has grown Rough Crowd Academy, a rough body play intensive weekend that has made appearances in cities worldwide from San Francisco to Boston, Toronto to Sydney. He also runs Rough Crowd Cigars, a monthly-ish social smoker.

You can find him on FetLife at, on Twitter @roughinamorato, or on the web at and

Roughinamorato lives in Chicago.