Tempo & Blue_Baby_


Tempo (He/Him) is a traveling top who has visited different communities and different countries to learn from the resident experts and masters of different journeys of kink. He takes what he learns to bring back to his present home community in Boise, ID where he hosts Boise Rope Jam. He primarily seeks out rope instructors to help guide him on his quest for rope mastery. True to his name, much of his play involves weaving music into his scenes.

Whether it be occupational- or kink-related, his true calling is teaching. Outside the kink community, Tempo teaches for a regionally accredited college and manages the school’s curriculum. Inside the community, he is often found serving whatever city he finds himself in as an instructor, a volunteer, a dungeon monitor, medical staff, or consent incident responder.

At ROPECRAFT 2019, he will be presenting along with Blue_Baby_.