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Stranger is a queer, top-leaning switch with special interests in rope bondage, power exchange, accessibility, and laughter. Stranger enjoys tying and being tied with intention and excessive eye-contact, geeking out about technique and learning through teaching, and exploring through self-tying and dynamic self-suspensions. Alongside rope, they like to play with boots, cigars, impact, and pretty metal things. When not at kink events, Stranger can be found introverting in their blankets and playing video...

TypeAtypical and BunnyBights

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TypeAtypical is an asexual rigger who started out over a decade and a half ago strictly as a bottom, with rope being the furthest thing from his mind. He picked up some rope basics from a very talented friend, but knew rigging would never be his thing—rope was slow and boring, and he definitely wasn’t a top. Somewhere along the way though, something clicked, things changed, and now he has been tying religiously for a little over six years. For TypeAtypical, rope is about creativity, exploration, connection, and sarcastic, irreverent fun (Rope is Super Serious Business!). He is a staunch advocate...