M0co and Beemo


Moco (he/him) and Beemo (she/her) hail from Baltimore’s booming rope community. Having found one another in late 2010, when Japanese-inspired rope bondage was a desolate wasteland of false facts, this duo has been honing their skills as rope top and bottom together.

Both Moco and Beemo have a passion for dynamic and challenging rope work as well as the exploring the connection and energy exchange they share. As natural born story-tellers and entertainers (#StoryTimeWithBeemo) they take pride in their performances, from music choice, to props, to just being out and out ridiculous.

When they aren’t performing or teaching, you can see them at The Krakens’ Lair, a monthly play party that’s been going strong for over 5 years. Come check out these old bondage fossils and let ‘em learn ya a thing or two!

Classes and Events

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