ShesANatural and Conroy


Conroy is a gentleman that believes that respect, consistency and self reliance are the keys to a strong and successful relationship. Although nat is a business owner, they live in a 24/7 total authority transfer relationship. While Conroy has final authority, he sees nat as a valuable and powerful partner.

ShesANatural is an owned, alpha bottom. It takes a persistently strong and exceptional person to bring her to her knees which means, in turn, she is fiercely devoted to Conroy. They incorporate long term, fluid protocols and rituals that blend seamlessly in to their every day life.

They have enjoyed sharing and teaching with many organizations such as NARIX (North American Rope Innovation Exchange), Bondage Expo Dallas, Greater Lakes Leather Alliance, Summer Spank and Snowbound. ShesANatural is honored to be published in Evie Vane’s book: Rope for Every Body.

Classes and Events

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