–Ronin– & ADelightfulPain


–Ronin– is Chicago born and raised. Beginning his kink journey in 2013 has quickly developed an immense passion for rope bondage and rough body play. He enjoys creating scenes that are both physically and mentally engaging using his personal/educational background and drive for learning about topics on anatomy, sports science, and martial arts.

ADelightfulPain discovered the rope bondage community a little over five years ago, and has since been continually molding her active bottoming approach and philosophies. Aside from her love of playing in sadistic rope and predicament bondage, she spends her time immersed in hosting, organizing, and teaching for local rope and kink focused initiatives and events.

As staff instructors for both Chicago Rope and Second City Kinbaku they strive for equal education of those on either side of the rope and providing rope education opportunities to a diverse array of communities.