SecondFloor & Gaping Lotus

With a background in sculpture and performance art, Secondfloor finds that rope bondage is the perfect medium to create compelling pieces of dynamic performance art blending sculptural elements with raw, primal emotion. He enjoys bondage photography as a method of documenting the temporary and fleeting nature of BDSM play as well as the wide array of emotions that can be drawn out in the vulnerable spaces of BDSM play and kinbaku. Secondfloor considers shame, humiliation, degradation, and suffering to all be beautiful emotions to capture in his work.

Gaping_lotus discovered Shibari as a medium that melded both  technical and creative aspects of life. The expressiveness of the rope medium reinvigorated Lotus’ passion for creating artistic photography to capture raw emotion and energy exchanged between top and bottom and celebrate the human form, as models push against their limits of strength, endurance, and flexibility, allowing themselves to suffer, be exposed, and show vulnerability for their partners. Lotus identifies more with the bottoming aspects of rope and BDSM but she occasionally tops and self-ties.

Together, Secondfloor and gaping_lotus find the experience of binding/being bound to be a crystallization of what is means to be alive & living in the moment. Of what it means to truly SEE someone at their core. To experience the duality and juxtaposition of what it means to be human: beauty alongside ugliness, strength alongside vulnerability, goodness alongside demons. They present on rope bondage from a place of deep love and passion for what it means to tie/be tied by someone. They teach ties & techniques that are adaptable to the differing needs of tops, bottoms, and self-suspenders, seeking to empower both tops and bottoms to honor themselves and their partners in the decisions they make when they tie.