At ROPECRAFT, one of the parts of our public photography policy was that if you agreed to have your photo taken by our event photographers, we then had the right to use that image for promotional purposes. We’ve used them on postcards, in program ads, on the website, and on various social media feeds. Sometimes we would check with people (or at least notify them) before the images were used, but for the most part we simply used them as the attendee had already given us permission.

That being said, the social and political climate of today is vastly different than the social and political climate of last year. We didn’t see this coming, and it would be unfair to think that our attendees would, either.

For that reason, we are adjusting our policies as follows:

1. Before we use any photo, we will make sure that we have enthusiastic and informed consent from everyone in the image. That means we’ll tell them where it will appear and how it will be used. If we can’t contact them, we won’t use it. A simple “no” is all it takes; no reasons have to be given for why they don’t want it used.

2. Please email about pictures you do NOT want to have used. You can reference them by image number on the site, please, because “I’m that hot kinkster in the rope on the frame” won’t be enough to help us identify you.

3. Please email about pictures you DO want to have used. Our Assistant Director also runs our instagram account, and like we said, enthusiastic consent is sexy. You can also let her know if you’re ok with any of your photos being used.

Any photo that falls in that gray area between 2 and 3 will not be used. Period. Attendees will still have access to the photos on the site via their password, and we can’t control where those images go or are used – but we encourage attendees to be considerate of other attendees and continue to treat photography like any other kink: only engaged in with the full consent of everyone involved.

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