Chicago 2022 Presenters

We are delighted to announce the official event presenters for Ropecraft Chicago 2022 – Ropecraft Rebound!

Our instructors are traveling in from all over the country to share rope taught, learned and invented all over the globe – nice rope, mean rope, sexy rope, fast rope, traditional kinbaku, floorwork, self-suspension, partner-suspension, predicament play, western rope, switching, connective rope and more. Some are additionally teaching related topics in sexuality, relationships, aerial arts and burlesque!

There is something for everybody to learn from the most excited beginner to the decades-long hobbyist including a number of classes designed just for our event. We appreciate so much these folks for coming to share their time and talents with us – we have been waiting for years for this moment! 

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Jake Wing has been a rope bondage aficionado for a very long time. He ran a bondage website in the early days of the internet. He’s been active in the Austin community and is currently one of the leaders of Austin Rope Slingers, a local rope peer group. His style is a blend of the flowing style of the Japanese nawashis, the detective-magazine/Harmony style that was the only thing available in his youth, Chinese single strand intricacies, and his own inventions. He can do any of these strictly, but he prefers to blend them. His teaching style is to simplify and de...

Blk_Diamond & His_Amira

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Blk_Diamond has been an active member of the St. Louis community for 9 years and has been tying for the past five. His rope style pulls from both the Western style as well as traditional shibari practices. Blk_Diamond prefers functional rope over decorative ties. He loves to create strenuous poses for his bottoms by using unconventional body shapes and solid foundational ties. He has learned from both St. Louis local and nationally recognized riggers and is always looking for opportunities to grow in his skill. With a sadistic sense of humor, Blk_Diamond makes learning more interactive and memorable in his classes...


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Trailblazing educator, sexologist, artist, and irritant to banality, Midori founded Rope Dojo and ForteFemme: Women’s Dominance Intensive. She penned the first English instruction book on Shibari, “Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage” in 2001, paving the way to the popularity of rope. Dan Savage calls her the “Super Nova of Kink,” while others affectionately call her Auntie Midori for her cool, tell-it-like-it-is, funny, reality-based teaching. She is also the author of “Wild Side Sex,” “Master Han’s Daughter,” and “Silk Threads.” Learn, laugh, and enjoy her special online classes, events, and art at (this is where she is working on her next shibari...

Shay Tiziano

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Shay Tiziano (she/her or they/them) is a dynamic bondage performer and renowned self-suspender known for their unique, dynamic performances and friendly, attainable, and risk-awareness focused approach to kink education. She is the author of Tying & Flying, the first-ever book about self-suspension, and Creating Captivating Classes, a guide for kink and sexuality educators. Based in San Francisco, Shay has over a decade of experience presenting across the US and internationally. She has produced events and performance showcases including BENT, the Bay Area’s biggest dungeon pa....

Mx Bliss

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Mx Bliss (she/they) is a joyful sadomasochist, sensation empath, consent enthusiast, rope switch, self suspender, and lifestyle quinkster (queer kinkster). Bliss is having the time of their life learning about and connecting in rope and is eager to share the joy. She co-facilitates AlternaRope, a celebration of diversity in rope. She also volunteers for a Portland-based Consent Collective, Care PDX. Both in vanilla and kink worlds, MxBliss frequently discusses negotiation, innovation, and diversity/equity/inclusion...


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MsElaine and her nest-mate now roam North American in a converted bus. Nomadic lifestyle brings them back to New York.Since 2010 MsElaine has been an active member of various kink communities; including Rochester, Syracuse, and Atlanta GA. MsElaine had established and hosted the Rope Bite Middlesex while living in NY. She's traveled to international conventions and venues exploring sexuality, relationships, and BDSM. Skill sharing is the foundation of MsElaines class platforms. She can be reached on Fetlife as MsElaine. MsElaine enjoys bringing high energy and enthusiasm to her workshops with skill-share topics on any number of alternative lifestyle interests including CBT, casual rope, and polyamory. A veteran of the Rochester Erotic Arts Festival as a volunteer, polyamory representative, rigger for the Rope Fashion Show, and providing exploratory rop...

Chingón Cuerdas and Sybil

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The kinkster formerly known as –Ronin–; Chingón Cuerdas is Chicago based Kinbaku educator and performer. Beginning his kink journey in 2013 has quickly developed an immense passion for rope bondage and rough body play. He enjoys creating scenes that are both physically and mentally engaging using his personal/educational background and drive for learning about topics on anatomy, sports science, and martial arts. He has been part of various local rope education initiatives such as Tying by Twilight, Chicago Rope, and Second City Kinbaku. Having also presented and performed at various events such as Ropecraft, Kinky...

Kasai Usagi

Kasai Usagi (Usagi first name, Kasai last name)(They/them) is a non-binary autistic rabbit out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. They have been studying and practicing rope for 5 years, and teach a variety of classes and host events in New Mexico on a regular basis. A professional educator by trade, Usagi has over 10 years experience working with people with disabilities and regularly uses that work to frame a rope context.

Maki Roll

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Maki Roll (She/her) is an award winning performance artist, event coordinator and pop culture entrepreneur. The Washington DC native started her creative journey in 2010 as a cosplayer and nerdlesque performer, soon branching out to guesting, hosting and curating programming for conventions and nerdy events. Maki combines her geekiness, sexual expression and self taught artistic skill to build innovative performance and visual art experiences across mediums. She has been featured by NPR, MTV, ESPN’s The Undefeated, and The Mary Sue. She is the current Executive Producer and Owner of the historic International Nerdlesque Festi...


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-magnolia- (She/her) is a former ballerina, and current yogi and yoga instructor. She has 14 years of experience as a massage therapist and esthetician and over 4 years of rope bottoming experience. She has performed at numerous events throughout the U.S. including Ropecraft New Orleans and Chicago, Vox Body Studio in Oakland ,CA, and the BARE booth at the Folsom Street Fair. -Magnolia- also runs a group for Rope Bottoms called BOA (rope Bottoms of Austin ) in Austin, Texas. Drawing from her anatomy and movement knowledge she has developed a bottoming philosophy that is unique. Through this body awareness she feels like she can....

Miss Acacia

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Miss_Acacia (She/her) has been creating art in rope bondage and suspension since 2014. With a preference for symmetry and a focus on detail, her goal is to create a tie that works for her bottom’s body while still showcasing the beauty of rope. Starting with self-suspension, she progressed to suspending others with an understanding of both sides of the suspension experience. She continues to focus on the fundamentals no matter how far her rope journey takes her, because she wants to understand the how and the why behind the structure...

Sarah Sloane

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Sarah Sloane (she/they) discovered the Leather & BDSM communities in Virginia in 1998, and in the subsequent 20+ years, she’s found her voice as an educator, writer, and podcaster (Social Intercourse Podcast), focusing on empowered sexuality, kink, and relationship topics. Currently based in Chicago, Sarah has taught at hundreds of events & organizations around the US and overseas, and finds that their joy comes from witnessing those “light bulb moments” that learners have during and after her classes. Sarah’s approach to teaching interweaves community knowledge, consent, pleasure, and harm re...


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Skyla (She/Her) discovered Fetlife in 2012 while Googling, “people turned on by fear”. The rest is history. Skyla identifies as a Fem Dom and Mermaid with a love for bondage and a penchant for sparkle. Armed with her sassy nature and dry sense of humor, she navigates BDSM topics of all kinds, including polyamory, rope, communication, medical play, FLR and D/s. Skyla has been bottoming for rope since 2012, and has been tying since 2013. Skyla is very involved with her kink community. After years of staffing conventions and volunteering, Skyla now produces her own convention – Tethered Together with Ropecraft producer Ozma_of_Oz. When Skyla is not striking fear into the hearts of her bottoms, she enjoys reading, yoga, dancing with her levi wand, and iced coffee. She loves meeting new people, so please introduce yourself!


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Stranger is a queer, top-leaning switch with special interests in rope bondage, power exchange, accessibility, and laughter. Stranger enjoys tying and being tied with intention and excessive eye-contact, geeking out about technique and learning through teaching, and exploring through self-tying and dynamic self-suspensions. Alongside rope, they like to play with boots, cigars, impact, and pretty metal things. When not at kink events, Stranger can be found introverting in their blankets and playing video...

Tempo and Miss Vye

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Tempo (He/Him) is a traveling top who has a passion for learning, education, and kink. Specializing in rope play and impact play, he travels to various communities and other countries to expand his knowledge of kink. Tempo has presented for various venues and events across the country including Studio Friction in Denver, CO; Studio Theory in San Antonio, TX; North American Rope Innovation Exchange (NARIX): St. Louis, MO; Ropecraft: Austin, TX; Frolicon Atlanta, GA; and Tethered Together: Stamford, CT. As a teacher for a regionally accredited college, Tempo shares his knowledge of the latest teaching practic...


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Toga (He/Him) is a Michigan-based sadistic Dominant, with a penchant for knots, that enjoys traveling for both education and fun. Starting his public journey into kink back in 2015, he knew right away bondage was something he’d enjoy. Over the years Toga has had many great influences to push him to learn more and improve. From tying girls to trees as a scout, to his first suspension, to performing at Detroit Dirty Show, he has always enjoyed learning and sharing...

TypeAtypical and BunnyBights

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TypeAtypical is an asexual rigger who started out over a decade and a half ago strictly as a bottom, with rope being the furthest thing from his mind. He picked up some rope basics from a very talented friend, but knew rigging would never be his thing—rope was slow and boring, and he definitely wasn’t a top. Somewhere along the way though, something clicked, things changed, and now he has been tying religiously for a little over six years. For TypeAtypical, rope is about creativity, exploration, connection, and sarcastic, irreverent fun (Rope is Super Serious Business!). He is a staunch advocate...

Zia Lucina

Zia Lucina (She/her) has been exploring different ways to get tied up and tangled since 2006. Starting with rope, she branched out to aerial arts to marry her kink with her dance and movement arts background. Turns out, aerial hurts worse. After a decade plus, she now performs, choreographs, teaches regular classes based in Madison, WI, and offers workshops anywhere, specializing in accessible classes for diverse bodies. She focuses on each student’s unique physiology and needs to help them be the best aerialist they can be. It's knot quite ready.